Email marketing campaigns in 10 steps

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Email marketing campaigns in 10 steps

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If in previous articles we gave you tips for creating email marketing campaigns, today we want to tell you in 10 steps how to create your email marketing campaigns effectively. 1. The importance of contacts The most important thing to start an email marketing campaign is to have a good database. Some ideas to get contacts can be: create newsletters to subscribe to, make contests or raffles on social networks, or links to download free guides or ebooks. 2. Make sure you comply with the regulations To be able to carry out any type of advertising, it is essential to have the authorization of your contacts, to send commercial communications by email.

If they have already been your clients in the past because they have bought similar goods or services , authorization is not necessary. 3. Segment the database Choose a tool that allows you to segment your database and send fully customized campaigns for phone database the type of audience. There are very interesting free tools like Mailrelay that can be a great alternative to Mailchimp. 4. Do not neglect the matter The subject line is perhaps the most important part of your email, as it will make the difference between recipients opening your email or not. Take the time to make it attractive. 5. Create a clear and simple design and text We have less and less time to dedicate to reading the hundreds of emails we receive, so be brief, concise and make sure your message is very clear. 6. Values ​​including videos in the podcast Video or audio formats will help you get your message across and are very much in fashion right now.


They will help you make clear what you want to convey. 7. Always include a call to action button. If you have made sure that the subject is eye-catching, the text is interesting and you have also made the effort to create audiovisual content, do not forget to include a call to action button. This ensures that the purpose of your email is clear. 8. Mobile friendly design The vast majority of commercial emails are going to be opened on mobile devices, so do not neglect the responsive design. 9. Analyze the results Email campaigns do not end with sending, but it is perhaps more important to analyze the results obtained in order to improve in future mailings. 10. Trust professionals If you are not sure how to configure your campaigns or you simply do not have the necessary time, do not forget that there are marketing professionals such as Be Markethink who can help you with your email marketing. Let yourself be advised! facebook Share on Facebook Twitter Sh
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