Choose the right type of packaging

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Choose the right type of packaging

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The cost per item generally corresponds to the price of the materials as well as the labor required. Each wrapper will cost a certain price, as will the protective paper you put inside the box to protect your product as well as the tape you use. And of course, you will also have to pay the person who will put it all together or do it yourself. Evaluate the approximate budget you want to dedicate to this project before starting the design. Don't forget that investing a little more is sometimes more profitable than going for less. For example, quality materials can ensure you a better off clientele (and therefore a higher selling price) and set you apart from your competitors.

The process of creating your photo retouching service packaging in 7 steps — Once you have gathered all this information, you can finally start the fun part creating the design! Remember that your packaging should tell a story? The decisions you make during the creative process will help you tell that story. 1. The different layers of packaging There are three “layers” in packaging the outer packaging, the outer packaging and the product packaging. Your product will need one or all of these layers at once. The outer packaging is the first thing the customer will see. This is the packaging that protects your product from wind and rain. This can be the box your product is mailed in or the plastic (paper!) bag it is shipped in.


Crinkle paper via Lumi The inner packaging is the packaging in which your product is delicately stored, inside the first layer. This is for example the bubble wrap that you put inside the box to prevent your product from being damaged The packaging of the product is what most people think of when we talk about packaging the box in which the product is contained, the bottle with its label, the wrapping paper on the candies. Each of these layers of packaging gives you an opportunity to tell part of your story. 2. There are many options for packaging your product Quadratisches Box-Design von tequillica Choosing between a box and a bottle may seem obvious… But it's not always so.
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